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Decision Intelligence Platform

Sofico: Sales advice to win more deals while improving margin


Sofico, selling software for managing & selling lease contracts


Adding a plugin to improve the margin and win rate of selling contracts.


It is impossible for sales reps to know which alternative vehicle to recommend to both improve win rate and margin. 

Often too much margin is given away to make sure a contract is won. 

Online contracts are not monitored resulting in too low conversion rates.

No process in place that can optimize both margin and volume targets.


Decision Intelligence: Algorithms analyze order behavior and vehicle/contract conversion rates 24/7. Based on the configured business goals, sales reps get to know how likely it is to win the contract stand and how they can improve their chances if needed.

They are also alerted when they need to intervene on online requests.


Increase in win rate and margin.

Less risk when sales are ill or leaving as the insights are captured and brought back into the process, such that anyone can take over even not familiar with the customer.



Renowned Energy Supplier


Due to the open market, competition is fierce resulting in low customer retention rates.


Improve customer retention rate while improving margin.


Decision Intelligence For Sales & Marketing

Supporting the agent with personalized offers which are optimized for both margin and conversion. These are offered with context, at the right moment in the process. This way the right decisions can be made to protect revenue and margin. As business impact is key, we applied hyper focus on trust, convenience and speed, resulting in a simple UI, with a very high user adoption.

Underlying AI's as part of the decision model:

•Churn Risk Prediction

•Prediction of Customer Lifetime Value

•Prediction of the cost-to-serve

•Personalized offer selection: Top 3 offers with highest chance to be converted while protecting margin;


Multi digit growth of the customer retention rate and margin.


1. Involve the business  to get the right problem statement and domain expertise

2. To impact the outcome like the bottom line, you need to involve the different stakeholders and the capability to optimize multiple objectives at the same time (retention and total margin)

3. Find the right balance between human and artificial intelligence.

Systems Involved: 

- ERP: Order data > products & services, recensy, frequency, monetary value, payment behaviour, 

- CRM: Customer data  like type, location, NPS

- Service: Complaints and number of hours worked per customer 


Due to accurate predictions about who will leave and their customer lifetime value, we could pick the ones that need a specific treatment. Even more, we predicted which offer would be relevant to keep them onboard while keeping the margin at the same or higher level, boosting the total margin.

CHU de Liège

Cnext became AI4EU finalist with this Clinical Decision Support System case.

Dyspnea is a frequent symptom resulting from multiple pathological attacks. Indeed, this symptom can have a cardiac, pulmonary, metabolic, psychological or muscular origin. In this context, a multimodal approach is required in order to identify the determining factor in the approach of this symptom which can be a source of overconsumption of additional examinations and diagnostic errors.

To optimize the decisions taken, there's a need to have a clear decision process in place with decision support based on evidence . There's also a need to update both the process and the underlying decision logic and algorithms on a regular basis. With our project we were able to show that the capabilities we bring with our platform can deliver a paradigm shift in how clinical decisions can be taken, opening the way for better health at a lower cost.

The dyspnea approach is classically described as a stopgap but can sometimes be explored by various approaches depending on the suspected diagnostic orientation. The patient sometimes benefits from a biological assessment in first intension where others will meet an organ specialist (cardiologist, pulmonologist, ...) or even will carry out a thoracic scan as a first-line.

The potentiation of the examinations through an automated analysis of the data could make it possible to quickly guide towards a reliable diagnosis but also an adapted treatment. In addition, an exhaustive analysis of the data would potentiate the impact of the various examinations in terms of screening (e.g. osteoporosis in thoracic imaging or mammary neoplasia or coronary artery disease) while the diagnostic question focuses the study on the objective of the examination.


BDO: Profitable projects


BDO, a global leading accountancy and business advisory organisation.


Keeping projects within budget by controlling the team composition. 


Audit projects have durations which are dependent of hundreds of parameters, related to the customers as to team composition. Teams consist of different skills and different experience levels, impacting the duration. As a human, it’very hard to know how to make the right impact to keep the budget into control. 


Decision Intelligence: People can select a project with its customer and project attributes, for example the industry or number of documents to be analyzed. Based on processing thousands of audit projects, the algorithm could identify the most important and actionable factors that impact project duration. 

As trust and explainability are key, the algorithm is presented as a What-if analysis showing the impact on duration when changing a parameter.

Underlying AI:

•Project Duration Prediction


Insights into the key parameters that impact project duration the most.

Insights into the best ways to bring a project back on track.

Selecting job candidates that stay longer


HR Services Leader


Increase revenue by better candidate matching


Perfect CV-matches are not always the ones that are hired the longest time period, or bring in the most revenue. 

Candidate matching and selection is time consuming.


Decision Intelligence: Assisting the job consulent in choosing top candidates that have a great fit, stay longer and thus will bring in the most revenue. The recruiter stays in charge when proposing a candidate.

Underlying AI:

•Predicting the engagement revenue based on duration

•Predicting the candidate / customer fit

•Based on 156 variables