Decision-making augmented by AI for enterprise business

Decisions are often not optimized and inconsistent, leaving money on the table. Our AI-driven decision guidance empowers business people to achieve more.

Decision intelligence

Cnext is finalist at the Webit Founders Game, which is backed by Eric Schmidt (Google) and Tim Draper (VC Tesla, SpaceX, …)

Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is the foundation for optimized decision-making. It manages the complete decision lifecycle and empowers people with trustworthy decision support.

Why a Decision Intelligence platform matters

human ai

Best of human & AI decision-taking

Both have their strengths and weaknesses in decision-taking and processing feedback. Get the best results by making them work together.
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Agile decision-taking

Because the platform is composable from nature, the decision processes and algorithms can be changed, making you super agile.

Feedback loop

Leverages the output of an AI system and end-user actions in order to retrain and improve the system over time.


Align decisions with your objectives

To achieve optimal results, the objectives from different stakeholders need to be optimized at the time of decision-taking.

Easy AI adoption

The AI becomes part of a configurable decision process. Keeping your decision processes up with market changes becomes a breeze.

Trustworthy AI & governance

With the governance and risk management modules, people will trust and understand the guidance they receive.

Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is the new Artificial Intelligence

 • Business Intelligence: What happened?

 • Artificial Intelligence: What is likely to happen?

 • Decision Intelligence: How can we make it (our goals) happen?

Better decisions. Better outcomes.

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"33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence by 2023"
'The future of Decisions' - April 2021
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“Adding intelligence will transform our data factory into a smart factory that will help our auditors in the most effective way."
Mr. M. Donckers - CIO at BDO Digital Technology
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"The Hybrid Integration Platform that Cnext helped to design and is building will be crucial to deliver new personalized services to our travelers."

Mrs. A. Van Peteghem - Head of Solution Delivery at De Lijn

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