Decision-making augmentation

We enable organizations to optimize decision-making and create impact by combining AI and human expertise

Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence is the foundation for optimized decision-making. 

It manages the complete decision lifecycle and empowers people with trustworthy decision support.

It combines different types of decision logic, including artificial intelligence, decision rules, regulations, and human judgement, with measurements and logic minimizing decision noise and cognitive bias.

Decision Intelligence enables optimization of decision-making, satisfying multiple objectives and driving operational efficiency.

Decision Intelligence 


Decision Intelligence Foundation Services

Bridging the gap ! From Predictions to Informed Decisions

Our Human-centered AI solutions are designed to help you optimize your operational process, make better decisons faster, in line with your organization's objectives.

Decision Intelligence is not designed for prediction, but for what you care about.

Better decisions. Better outcomes.

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"33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence by 2023"
'The future of Decisions' - April 2021
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“Adding intelligence will transform our data factory into a smart factory that will help our auditors in the most effective way."
Mr. M. Donckers - CIO at BDO Digital Technology
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"The Hybrid Integration Platform that Cnext helped to design and is building will be crucial to deliver new personalized services to our travelers."

Mrs. A. Van Peteghem - Head of Solution Delivery at De Lijn

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