Human Capital

Decision Intelligence for
Human Capital

The human factor in executive search

The struggle to find talent


In today’s rapidly changing market, leaders with outstanding specialized skills are more in demand than ever. It is a real challenge for recruitment professionals to find the right leaders and senior managers. With a limited candidate pool and a longer time required to fill high-demand positions, companies are encouraged to rethink their traditional executive search efforts.

  • Don't reject highly qualified candidates
  • Balance the adoption of new technologies with the domain expertise of the executive search consultant
  • Extract value from resumes of candidates
  • Capture relevant and "hidden information" 
  • Provide better decision support through Human - AI interaction 

Decision Intelligence brings both AI and domain experts together in an augmented team, maximizing efficiency, transparency, and trustworthiness.

  • Extracting structured and unstructured data (CV,..)
  • Capturing contextual relevant candidates
  • Providing more transparency and trustworthiness
  • Capturing consultant intuition and expertise 
  • Sharing intuition collectively
  • Enriching information through multi-dimensional decision making


Human-centered AI solutions designed for what you care about.