Unlock the power of your data with the help of our world-class decision services and decision-loop-methodology, making optimal use of AI and human judgement to drive great decisions towards your strategic business goals.


Get a full scan of a specific decision-making process and how they're driving your strategic business goals. We’ll help you to discover the most impacting decisions and define a phased journey to augmented decision-making.

From 1.900 euro

1-day workshop

We also offer a a full decision maturity assessment


Our decision engineers help you to understand the value decision intelligence can bring for you. We will show to-be augmented decision-making processes based on relevant use cases.

They will tell you what's possible, where and when AI or human judgment is more appropriate, how you can prevent inconsistent decisions, learn from feedback, and drive outcomes towards your strategic business goals.

From 4.950 euro

1-3 weeks


Increase your speed towards better outcomes in Sales & Marketing by adopting one of the Cnext Decision Apps.

Our delivery team will validate with your people and experts the out-of-the-box decision maps and how best to drive decisions towards your strategic business goals.

From 14.950 euro

Decision Intelligence App subscription not included

3 months

Free advisory call to discuss some best practices applied to your situation.

Need Some Help With AI?

Just starting your AI-journey? Already got an in-house team of data scientists and decision engineers? Our Decision Intelligence Platform is valuable no matter your organization's AI-maturity. We have an in-house team ready to help deliver Decision Intelligence solutions for you, or we can train your team up on how to use our platform. Building your own in-house decision intelligence capability? We're happy to help you out.