Technical Consultant - Microsoft Azure

Hiring Manager    Stijn Van Raemdonck

Job Title    Technical Consultant - Microsoft Azure

Job Level    Medior

Type    Fulltime

Desired Start Date   Immediate

Company Background

Our ambition is to disrupt business decision-making and become the market leader in helping people make the best decisions aligned with their business goals, empowered by trustworthy and ethical algorithms.

Soon Artificial Intelligence will be omni-present. We want to build a future where AI and humans work together in symbiosis, where AI technology helps to create a better world in which people, society and our environment reinforce each other.

Many of our customers are international organizations with strong ambitions to become data-driven companies. They turn to us with the request to help designing and implementing azure based data and integration platforms. This allows them to deliver new services or products to their customers and improve their business processes by leveraging AI and Decision Intelligence.

We are looking to expand our team with someone who loves:

A startup mentality

Autonomy and responsibility

Keeping up with the latest technology innovations

Joining a pioneering team in the domain of decision intelligence and data platform building.

Our Mission is to disrupt business decision-making and become the market leader in helping people make the best decisions aligned with their business goals, empowered by trustworthy and ethical decision algorithms.

Role Specifics

Day in the life

● You will be responsible for translating business requirements into technical documentation and user stories, so that your colleagues have all the information they need for the implementation of the solution.

● Working within a team, you’ll collaborate with technical architects & developers who have expert skills in architecture design, infrastructure setup, security best practices etc.

● You own the project scope and are the go to person for everyone in the team when requirements have to be clarified.

● You work independently at your preferred location (home or office), during your preferred time window, focused on your deliverables and always in touch with your team.

● You will be supporting the project manager with the coordination of the project team and to keep the project backlog up to date.

● After a sprint period, the team takes time for sharing feedback and reflects on how improvements can be made as a team and as an individual.

● You can rely on the expertise and experience of the team. You are never alone when dealing with tough challenges.

● Whenever a major milestone is achieved, we take time to celebrate.

Requirements gathering & design

● Defining user stories based on the business requirements you have gathered.

● Documenting solution designs using UML/ArchiMate (sequence diagrams, flowcharts, data flows, entity models, use cases, etc).

● Discussing the solution designs & specifications with the implementation team and the customer.

● Ability to think abstractly and deal with ambiguous/undefined problems that have to be clarified.

● Ability to understand the bigger picture and to effectively articulate the technical challenges and solution proposals to all stakeholders of the project.

Technologies - you have hands-on experience or you are able to become familiar with them rapidly conceptually

● Azure Integration & Data Services  

Logic Apps, Data Factory, Azure Databricks, API-mgmt, Azure Arc, Service Bus, Data Lake, etc.

●  Container services

Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

● Programming languages & standards

.NET, C#, SQL, Python, XML, SOAP, REST, etc.

Tools you will use on the job:

●  Azure DevOps / Jira

●  Confluence / / Miro

●  Archi / Sparx Enterprise Architect / Visio

Skills you master
What sets you apart from other candidates?

Tell us how you stand out!

We will love to hear that:

● You have experience as team lead with Agile methods like scrum & kanban and that you are familiar with DevOps practices.

● You have software development experience, preferably in using Microsoft Azure technology.

● You are a team player, willing to go the extra mile for the success of the team

Company culture

At Cnext we nurture an open, respectful, all inclusive and honest culture, which we also share with our customers.

Our four capitals are the foundation for the direction of the company, the strategy and the people within Cnext. 

These capitals are the mirrors for all the decisions we make.

the emotional capital: Do you feel enough space to connect with each other starting from our company identity?

the intellectual capital: Do you feel you have the competences, knowledge and ideas to fulfill our purpose with our customers?

the economical capital: Is the financial performance healthy on every level of the company (e.g projects, team, company…)

the spiritual capital : Do you know our purpose and how you can contribute to it with your personal purpose?


What makes us different

We are a team of about 20 highly skilled people having different nationalities (7 at this time), joining from time to time in our offices in either Vilnius (LT) or Mechelen (BE).

We run our company lean without the burden of to many inefficient processes large companies tend to have.

Besides working for our customers we also take time to share insights and knowledge within the team during our innovation labs and knowledge sharing sessions.

Of course there’s also time for some serious fun, once a year we all join together somewhere in Europe (Barcelona, Vilnius, Athens, …). 

Several times a year we enjoy team activities like a virtual reality games, escape room challenges, whatever we like …

There is only 1 boss - our customers. You are free to take initiatives, as long as they contribute to the success of our products and are in line with our company values.

Cnext can be your personal accelerator, as long as you are not afraid to expand your horizon and are always eager to learn and improve what you do.

More About Our Employees

● One of our Data Scientist is passionate about learning new things. His background as assistant professor  and researcher helping PHD students makes him an ideal go-to person if you have a question on how to approach difficult challenges.

● Our enthusiastic People Coach is your personal guide during your first months at Cnext.

Our Benefits

We offer a good base salary based on your experience and the added value you can bring to the team.

● We love the climate, therefore we suggest you opt-in for a climate friendly electric company car

● If you rather want to explore alternative ways of transportation and you don’t need a car, also fine, we can discuss flexible options and for example also convert part of your car budget to salary.

● As you will often work remotely, we offer you a full-blown laptop including a second screen and headset.

● Meal voucher and hospital insurance are part of the package.

● Part of the salary could be delivered as renumeration for auteursrecht.

● Before Covid-19 we were already organized for remote work. We do support working from home, however for specific tasks we might ask to come onsite.


Interested in this role?

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