CCnext announces a partnership with Sofico, the world leading automotive supplier for contract management


A first joint project is set to deliver predictive insights in (pre-)sales context to yield better sales conversion.

We are delighted to announce our Decision Intelligence partnership with the world's leading supplier of mission-critical software solutions for automotive finance, leasing, fleet, and mobility management companies - Sofico.

Over 60 customers in 27 countries across 4 continents rely on Sofico Miles to bring added value to their customers, gain valuable business insights and jointly manage over 2 million contracts.

With this partnership, Sofico is further pushing the boundaries to help its customers meet their strategic goals. When the Cnext Decision Intelligence platform is integrated with Miles, the value from the rich Miles data will be unlocked to empower the sales team. Simple, practical, and powerful insights will help the sales reps and management to reach their targets.

Today, companies may face revenue leakage as sales reps might be tempted to discount a proposal rather than steering towards an alternative vehicle with better competitive pricing.

This is perfectly normal as sales reps can't process thousands of interactions and orders to understand the likelihood of a specific deal better. No one can.

Business intelligence is not the right solution as it's not actionable enough, not smart enough, and demands too much from its users.

Decision Intelligence doesn't have this disconnect with its users as it's both actionable and empowering.

The Cnext Decision Intelligence platform creates this super-human visibility on the likelihood of a deal to happen based on all its parameters. Based on this insight the sales rep can adapt the quote or decide to promote an alternative vehicle.

As the decision process is managed and configurable, it's easy to be agile, continuously improve, or react to market changes.

Together, Sofico Miles and the  Cnext Decision Intelligence Platform will deliver support in:

1) Optimizing the execution towards the business goals

2) Empowering sales reps to lift performance, even the ones that just joined the company

3) Reducing revenue leakage

Sofico and Cnext's collaboration brings innovation to the leasing software market, providing Sofico Miles customers with new business opportunities and capabilities by deploying the Cnext Decision Intelligence platform.

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