Get Back To Growth By Using AI, With Decision Intelligence From Cnext

Customer Buddy, The Decision Intelligence Solution For Sales & Marketing

Buddy is a CRM plugin that analyzes your accounts 24 by 7. Get personalized selections of the accounts that matter most at that moment. It even adds the best recommendations to reach your target as fast as possible.

What Analysts State

+20% customer acquisition

Buddy delivers a steady stream of high quality leads, lookalikes of your best customers AND with recommendations to convert them.

+30% customer growth

With our personalized combinations of customers and products, sales and marketing will reach their targets much faster. 

+40% customer retention

Not only predict our cutting-edge models far more accurately who will leave than any reporting tool, Buddy also delivers potential actions to keep them onboard.

+2% to +5% in profit; via pricing

Leverage the power of decision intelligence to fine-tune all pricing elements simultaneously and surpass your business objectives with speed and accuracy.

People Will Love To Use Your CRM

"Although we invested heavily in business intelligence and CRM, 90% or more of our sales reps was not really using it. This changed dramatically with the Buddy plugin because it really helps them to get things done, to achieve their target without losing any time. It brings our CRM to the next level."

Buddy For Sales And Marketing Is Unique

Consume versus search

Focus and guidance at the fingertips. 

No need to lose time and focus with searching through after-the-facts reports.

Boost team performance

Buddy tirelessly processes data and learns what works and what doesn't. It lifts the performance of all, including your newbies.

Personalized marketing

Create effective campaigns on top of Buddy's behavioral customer segments and personalized recommendations.

Why the basis is order data?

Other solutions fail because they're based on data prone to human error and manipulation, e.g. CRM data. Therefor the foundation for Buddy is order data, a source of truthful, high quality data.

Enriched with 3rd party data

Improves the accuracy of the predictions. Additionally, extra functionality can be unlocked. For example predicting the account penetration.

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