The future of human decision-making

A single platform that helps companies to get better results by having artificial and human intelligence work together.

Decision intelligence

Empower your people with augmented intelligence

AI + Human Intuition

Combining AI and human intuition within decision processes result in more consistent and better outcomes.



People get the right decision context and transparency. They also feel valued as their feedback is used to make improvements.



The market changes affect how decisions should be taken. Be agile and adapt the decision processes to achieve your goals.


Why you should combine human intuition with AI

Value and leverage expertise

Understanding the context with a minimum of data is where humans shine and outpace artificial intelligence..

Make decisions more consistent

Using decision logic that nudges people toward consistent decisions (low noise) is one of the most effective ways to improve results.

Get results closer to your goals

Although without any intention, people (even experts) make decisions which look to eye a target somewhat misaligned with the real business objectives. This is called bias.

Significantly improve the outcomes by adding bias-reducing decision logic and -support.

Meet the decision intelligence platform

Decision Studio


A collaborative environment to get aware of the decision challenges and improvement potential; To design and manage flexible decision flows combining AI and human judgment

Discount Decision

Decision Ops


The central place to focus on creating better outcomes. The platform integrates with your daily tools helping your people to make the best decisions possible.

Now you can support them with, e.g., what-if simulations to see how to best impact the business before deciding.

What-if simulation

Decision Trust


Delivers transparency, trust and regulatory compliancy improving business adoption.

Better decisions. Better Outcomes.

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"33% of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence by 2023"
'The future of Decisions' - April 2021
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“Adding intelligence will transform our data factory into a smart factory that will help our auditors in the most effective way."
Mr. M. Donckers - CIO at BDO Digital Technology
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"The Hybrid Integration Platform that Cnext helped to design and is building will be crucial to deliver new personalized services to our travelers."

Mrs. A. Van Peteghem - Head of Solution Delivery at De Lijn

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